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‘Checkthis creates beautiful stand-alone web pages for instant sharing. No account, no set-up, no complications.’ For use it anywhere on virtually any platform. A very handy tool for any web user to share, inform and create. (And if that wasn’t enough, Checkthis also has an Identity designed by Build)

Sharing is Caring

Sharing is caring. Use Dropmocks or Minus to share images / image galleries by simply dragging from your desktop. Share with clients, friends or family. Simple.

Dazed Digitally Reactivated

We don’t usually post much web related stuff but the new Dazed Digital site, designed by Daniel Howell’s Kulor, developed with Glasgow based Studio Mister, is a real treat, featuring a great UI and equally great use of type in keeping with the Dazed publication. Be sure to check it out

Axolotl Gallery Partnership

We are delighted to announce that Human Resources™ are now working in partnership with Scotland’s fresh Axolotl Gallery. This means that over the next few months we will be revealing the latest competitions, exhibitions and general happenings that will be taking place at their beautiful space on Dundas Street, set in the heart of Edinburgh’s vibrant art scene.

An exciting new gallery, Axolotl focuses on figurative and narrative work in various media including painting, drawing, limited edition prints, sculpture and photography. Axolotl aims to showcase the work of emerging artists working in these genres, providing them with a suitable platform to establish themselves with a wider audience and promote their work. Although based in Scotland, Axolotl is not a ‘Scottish gallery’ in the sense of showing work of predominantly Scottish themes. While they work with many Scottish artists, the themes explored are universal in nature. The gallery will also be showing work from other emerging artists from Europe and beyond. If you would like to submit your artwork to the gallery for possible inclusion in future exhibitions, please get in touch with gallery owner Derek Butter by visiting their website.

They are about to hold their Spring Exhibition from April 3 – April 24 2010, featuring groups of work from five main artists including; Michael Wildman, Steven Hendry, Sarah Wilson, Philomena Pretsell and Jill Farquhar. As a Human Resources™ reader, we would like to invite you to attend the private view of their Spring Exhibition, which is taking place this coming Friday 2nd April. To attend, all you have to do is RSVP or accept their Facebook event invitation.

You can follow them at:
+ Twitter
+ Facebook
+ Flickr

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Wrangle out of this one


Wranglers new Bluebell Collection interactive website is amazing. Welcome back Wrangler.



UNIQLO have put all of their online digital campaigns on one place, some of which are amazing.

Anti Sweden

Anti Sweden is a fashion brand of Norwegian design agency Anti. Their aim is to rebel against their Swedish neighbours and bring back black jeans. The whole collection has dark, occult references. Check out the website for some amazing video work.

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Only The Brave

clip.jpg space.jpg

Hellohikimori got in touch about an online exhibition he has curated for Diesel, titled Only The Brave. You can check out contributions from Jeremyville, eBoy, Suprb, MWM, and Si Scott joining the forces of MrDoob, LaundryMat, Combustion, Peter Jaworowski, HKI, Michael Paul Young, Tom Muller, Serial Cut, Renascent, Nico Stumpo, Eric Carl, and more!


Interesting new promotional website, L’Ormindo, designed by This is Real Art.  Using dynamic points and lines in a 3D space to explore the relationship between the various characters in the opera. Print based advertising to follow later this year.

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Tom Muller- Man Must Explore

This is a new online art installation from London based, Tom Muller. As part of the Diesel’s new site, which invites artists and designers to respond to the brief “Do you have what it takes?”. The site has been curated by HKI.

Hellovon – New Website

Human Resources regular Hellovon has just launched a new website of his work, designed by Darren Firth.

Remote Location – Updates

Remote Location have updated their online presence with some really well crafted web work. Recently, they have produced a new online home for Warp Records & Film, in collaboration with Universal Everything. I am particularly digging the fresh way that they are shooting their websites.

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Serial Cut – Updates

Madrid based Serial Cut have updated their website.