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Dev Harlan

Dev Harlan is a multidisciplinary artist whose hybrid practice combines the physical and the virtual with the use of sculpture, light and projection. As a self educated Artist, Designer and CG Director, Devan’s uniquely identifiable aesthetic language and reductionist approach place his work at the forefront of a new mode of media arts practice.

Thomas Traum Update

Mr Thomas Traum updates his online portfolio for the Summer including this sleeve for the brilliant Redinho e.p on Numbers.

Self Edge x ROY

We are truly loving this video by Self Edge for ROY Demin, a one-man selvedge sewing machine.

Via @xencinas

Field x GF Smith

Our friends at Field have recently created 10.000 unique digital paintings for G. F. Smith. Printed on an HP Indigo 7500 digital press on ‘naturalis smooth’ absolute white and sapphire coated 330gsm paper, these works are a stunning application of generative art.

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Touch Wood

This amazing mobile telephone advert features a giant wooden marimba, hand-built in the woods of Kyushu, Japan. As the ball rolls down the installation in this 3-minute video, Bach’s Cantana 147 is played out.

Japanese ad agency Drill Inc. created the work for NTT Docomo’s Touch Wood SH-08C handset, which just so happens to be encased in wood. Drill creative director Morihiro Harano conceived of the instrument with Kenjiro Matsuo of Invisible Designs Lab carrying out the build.

Stateless x Field

This is the beautiful record sleeve for Stateless’ single “Assassinations” on Ninja Tune. Created in a collaboration between our friends at FIELD and Oscar&Ewan, the artwork is inspired by the mystic female spirits crowding the songs of the album.

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‘Checkthis creates beautiful stand-alone web pages for instant sharing. No account, no set-up, no complications.’ For use it anywhere on virtually any platform. A very handy tool for any web user to share, inform and create. (And if that wasn’t enough, Checkthis also has an Identity designed by Build)


Nice new site for creative Thomas Traum, an artist ‘using new tools and processes for a digital world’.

Editions of 100

‘Editions of 100′ is a beautiful new online gallery curated by Daniel Freytag. The idea is simple, to make original limited edition design objects available for sale by selected designers, photographers and artists. As the name suggests, each work is hand numbered and strictly limited to 100 editions.

In the coming weeks you will find a growing selection of works from the likes of Andy Altmann (Why Not Associates), Greig Anderson (Effektive), Kelvyn Smith (Mr Smith Letterpress Workshop), Daniel Freytag (Berg) and our very own Ross Colquhoun (Human Resources).

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A planet is examined, microscopically, zoomed in from afar.

— It is advised that you turn the volume down on any portable devices.


Playbutton, in their own words is ‘a wearable button that plays music. A record that plays itself. The content is pre-recorded and cannot be changed. Like an album the sequence of the album can not be altered.’ An interesting, simple idea for distributing music. (via @alednotjones)


Quayola is a visual artist based in London. His work simultaneously focuses on multiple forms exploring the space between video, audio, photography, installation, live performance and print. He creates worlds where real substance, such as natural or architectural matter, constantly mutates into ephemeral objects, enabling the real and the artificial to coexist harmoniously. Integrating computer-generated material with recorded sources, he explores the ambiguity of realism in the digital realm.


Max Hattler decided to portray‚ in an stunningly abstracted manner‚ the whole universe on ONE huge disk that is rotating at the same speed throughout (it rotates at 7400 degrees per second!). In his words “the camera is zooming out continuously from the centre of the disk (the beginning of time, the big bang) until the whole disk is in view (the here and now, current age of the universe). It means there is an underlying unchanging speed that rules everything.”

Best watched in full screen with the lights off and your headphones on.

Tron Experience

This is the full projection mapping sequence from the HP ePrint & TRON: Legacy Experience on the the roof of the QEH on London’s Southbank, which is on from late November – early Dec 2010.

The work was created by Guided Collective in collaboration with Flat-e / Seeper (animation and projection mapping) and Si Begg (sound design and re-jigged elements from Daft Punk’s TRON: Legacy soundtrack) as an immersive visual spectacle augmented with snippets from Daft Punk’s soundtrack and orignal sound FX from the film.