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Gavin Worth

Beautifully simple wire sculptures from multi-talented artist Gavin Worth.

Etienne Gros

The art and sculptural work of Etienne Gros, whose work is predominantly based around the (many) forms of the female body.


Anyone in London this week should check out a little pop exhibit by Zissou on for the next few days at Adam Street Members Club, The Strand, London, featuring a selection of the artists recent oils laser printed 3D sculptures. Cheers for the email.


We recently held our first creative showcase featuring the creations of the controversial Scottish artist, Kevin Harman. ‘Mesomorphic’ was a collection of his old and new artworks which were on display at the Old Ambulance Depot in Edinburgh from 4 – 14 March.

You can view a selection of the works from the show below.

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Water Sculptures

Amazing water sculptures created by photographing thrown water, by Shinichi Maruyama.  View the gallery here.

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Made In:Side

Great series by Croatian artist Igor Eskinja who works directly onto gallery surfaces with largely basic materials. Be sure to check his Flick’r photostream for some of his other works.

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Square Beard: Alex Allan

This is the first in a series of artist features about members of the Square Beard collective. In the interest of fairness, each artist will be presented in alphabetical order with the first being the Scottish sculptor, Alex Allan.

Alex graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2009 and currently in 2nd year of a 2 year Masters at the college. His work often flirts with themes of death, man-power, industry, architecture and the associations of social class related to these. Interestingly, many of the works involve a lot of repeated tasks and require a certain degree of man-power to get them off the ground. This similarity between his areas of research and the physical making of the work seems to be extremely important to him. ‘Kiln, Driftwood 1′ (see image above) is a great example of his method; this creation is a kiln made from abandoned bricks and a formation of driftwood made to look like a flowing cascade of water, which have been re-assembled to form a gigantic, single work.

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Anders Krisár

Anders Krisár is a Swedish sculptural artist.




Absolutely stunning piece of installation work by Random International, The Swarm Light ‘is an experimental light installation that subtly reacts to the viewer’s audible presence’. Be sure to the Coute Que Coute blog for more information and a great video of the works. Awe inspiring.

Azuma Makoto


Love this site for sculptural based artist Azuma Makoto.

Axolotl Gallery Partnership

We are delighted to announce that Human Resources™ are now working in partnership with Scotland’s fresh Axolotl Gallery. This means that over the next few months we will be revealing the latest competitions, exhibitions and general happenings that will be taking place at their beautiful space on Dundas Street, set in the heart of Edinburgh’s vibrant art scene.

An exciting new gallery, Axolotl focuses on figurative and narrative work in various media including painting, drawing, limited edition prints, sculpture and photography. Axolotl aims to showcase the work of emerging artists working in these genres, providing them with a suitable platform to establish themselves with a wider audience and promote their work. Although based in Scotland, Axolotl is not a ‘Scottish gallery’ in the sense of showing work of predominantly Scottish themes. While they work with many Scottish artists, the themes explored are universal in nature. The gallery will also be showing work from other emerging artists from Europe and beyond. If you would like to submit your artwork to the gallery for possible inclusion in future exhibitions, please get in touch with gallery owner Derek Butter by visiting their website.

They are about to hold their Spring Exhibition from April 3 – April 24 2010, featuring groups of work from five main artists including; Michael Wildman, Steven Hendry, Sarah Wilson, Philomena Pretsell and Jill Farquhar. As a Human Resources™ reader, we would like to invite you to attend the private view of their Spring Exhibition, which is taking place this coming Friday 2nd April. To attend, all you have to do is RSVP or accept their Facebook event invitation.

You can follow them at:
+ Twitter
+ Facebook
+ Flickr

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Terrence Koh


Beautiful sculptural work by Beijing born, New York based artist Terrence Koh. More information can be found here on the Saatchi gallery website

Ricky Swallow


Ricky Swallow’s sculptures are stunning, sometimes haunting and always intriguing.

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James Mclardy


Glasgow based artist James Mclardy has some very interesting sculptural pieces. Simply stunning.

Via our friends at Central Station.