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OKI-NI Mix Series

Really doing it for us just now is the oki-ni Mix Series, where the fashion retailer can be seen working with world-renowned DJs, bands and producers with the aim to to present sounds that ‘venture off the dancefloor’, allowing each artists involved to produce a unique and personal mixe resulting in an eclectic, compelling and unique soundscape. They have just released their 55th in the series, so be sure so check out their archive and get listening.

RBMA: London – Revolutions in Sound

From 19:30 GMT, Thursday 13th October, The @RBMA World Tour culminates its circumnavigation of the globe by taking over the biggest observation wheel in Europe, the EDF Energy London Eye. In each of the 30 capsules, crucially influential producers, DJs and bands, including some Red Bull Music Academy alumni, present the latest upfront London sounds making waves around the globe. Giving Londoners a unique chance to musically travel around the world, just as the Academy has done, from seismic bass to lovers rock — in the blink of a London Eye!

A History of the World


In 100 objects. The British Museum and the BBC have combined tell humankind’s story through the things we have made, from the Mummy of Hornedjitef to the modern credit card.

A History of the World in 100 Objects started broadcast on BBC Radio 4 weekdays from Monday 18 January, with each of the 100 editions split into three tranches over the course of the year, focusing on a particular object. Check the Radio Times page here for a list of objects 1-99 (with the 100th yet to be selected) and here for a great interactive object gallery from the BBC. Go History!

Rinse FM


Rinse Out

Having just celebrated 15 years of broadcasting and parties, Rinse FM have a new site up featuring podcasts from across the musical spectrum, from Dubstep to Funky, Hip Hop to House. My personal favourite has to be Alexander Nuts Mixed Nut show on every Saturday from 1pm – 3, and you can pick up the download as soon as the next day. Well worth checking out. (as is the Rinse FM mix series)

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Great little video about an American vinyl collector and archiver. Does get a little emotional towards the end.

Viva La Radio

American Apparel’s instore radio station Viva Radio, archived weekly. Lots of variety for your working days and nights. Favourite(s) would have to be Naked Fridays with Jacques Renault and the West Philly Hip Hop show that I can’t find anymore.