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Vivian Maier Archive

The work of Vivian Maier, a street photographer from the 1950s – 1990s, was discovered at an auction in Chicago. The discovery includes over 100,000 medium format negatives, thousands of prints, and 20-30,000 undeveloped negatives. John Maloof, who owns approximately 90-95% of the work bought at auction, was inspired by Maier’s work to take up street photography himself, who has taken on the mantle of continuing to photograph the streets and people of Chicago.

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My Dear Bomb

Belgian publisher Ludion recently released an autobiography by eccentric avant-garde Japanese designer  Yohji Yamamoto, delving into his thoughts and visions, mixing personal life recollections with his design ethos and creative processes. Available on Amazon here.

Radim Peško

Radim Peško has recently released a brilliant print-on-demand specimen book for his small but beautifully formed type foundry RP. Im in love with Fague, Mitim and Larish-Neue. You can order the specimen book from self publishers LULU here.

Penguin with (RED)

Recent collaboration between Penguin and Product (RED) has commissions from the likes of Non-Format and Studio Frith, for eight new cover of Penguin Classics.

Via CR.

Duke Press

Ryan from Duke Press has got in touch with us to let you know about their great new  independent publishing collective based in London. They also have a Flickr if you would like to take a closer look.

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The Mad Hatter


To celebrate the release of Tim Burtons Alice In Wonderland, Disney have released a stunning promotional package to coincide with the films release. Anyone from Disney HQ reading this post who has a spare copy of this beauty lying around don’t hesitate to get in contact. :D

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Kubrick Napoleon

The greatest movie never made, Tachen have released Stanley Kubricks extensive research, planning, photography and writings for what was to be his biopic of the great French General Napoleon. Representing decades of work by the great cinematic master and expertly designed by M/M Paris, it in essentially 10 small books encased in one large, guilded leather book. Amazing. Personally, as much as I’d like to see an adaptation of Napoleon, I’m not sure if anyone could actually do the project justice, especially given the recent historical adaptation disasters of the last few years (and everyone should remember the last time someone took the reins of a Kubrick project, although it wasn’t that bad).

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Great piece on the Guardian showing how international newspapers reported the death of The King of Pop. Rio’s Extra being an execptional example above

Rare Book Room

Rare Book Room has an impressive collection of hi-res images of full ancient books, including Albrecht Dürer’s De Symmetria… and Underweysung der Messung, a classic on proportion and geometry with a chapter on, type design. Another book that interested me was, The First Six Books of the Elements of EuclidIt’s by Oliver Byrne, which is a mathematics book from 1849, however some of the diagrams it features are reminiscent of early modernist work, very interesting stuff.
A must for any fans of print.

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viction:ary produce lovely publications, and they just so happened to have created one of my favourite design books from 2008 - Printwork.

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Never Sleep

Never Sleep looks like a very interesting read for any budding graphic designer who is, or is about to enter the world of professional graphic design.

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Some hot stuff from FUEL

FUEL have an amazing client list and the reason is their high quality of work they produce. This book for Viktor&Rolf is a fine example.

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