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OKI-NI Mix Series

Really doing it for us just now is the oki-ni Mix Series, where the fashion retailer can be seen working with world-renowned DJs, bands and producers with the aim to to present sounds that ‘venture off the dancefloor’, allowing each artists involved to produce a unique and personal mixe resulting in an eclectic, compelling and unique soundscape. They have just released their 55th in the series, so be sure so check out their archive and get listening.

Mtendere Mandowa

Lovely little mini doc focusing on the artwork of visual artist Mtendere Mandowa who most people will know as musician Teebs. His new record Collections 01 is out now on Brainfeeder and is a beautiful piece of work.

Grampian Mountains / Loops Haunt – Ark

This is the latest stunning release by Black Acre Records from Dundee producer Loops Haunt. Droppin’ 28th Nov on heavy 180g vinyl (with a digital release), 50 prints will be hidden amongst the stock of the vinyl containing a beautiful screenprinted piece from Mr Grampian Mountains, who is also responsible for the EP artwork. Fact Magazine have described this release as ‘one of the most colossal releases of the year’ and we would have to agree.

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Lyken is a multidisciplinary artist living in Glasgow, who divides his time between painting and composing electronic music. A notable pioneer, he was among the first to begin writing graffiti in Scotland during the eighties.

His gestural paintings toy with scale and time, capturing the turbulent events and cycles of a living cosmos. These are worlds within worlds, chemical universes revealed at a microscopic level. Taking influences from cellular division and decay, bacterial spread and meteorological phenomena, themes of mutation and metamorphosis are explored in vibrant forms.

Like his art, his latest album ‘Bit Rot’ reflects this same detail. Decayed sounds and transmissions shimmer in space, a melodic sea of scientific musical patterns that chime with that certain universal emotion.

Available now on iTunes, SpotifyAmazon, Bleep, Boomkat and Juno.

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GUA | Bloodworth | Rinse

HR favourites Give Up Art and photographer Shaun Bloodworth are busy preparing for new exhibition Rinse: A Visual Retrospective – a ten-day exhibit staged to celebrate the design and photography of the seminal London-based radio station and record label, featuring the work of both creatives.

The event will be held at the Truman Brewery Gallery – shop 14, Hanbury Street, London for 10 days from 12th to 21st of August, falling on the 10th anniversary of the world famous, Rinse-afflilated FWD club night, which is held on 20th August. Big.

( via Type Token )

Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland

This October, a small group of filmmakers, photographers and musicians are setting out on a journey to explore the remote countryside of Iceland and document our experiences with the landscape, residents and traditions we encounter. The end result, a beautifully packaged box set of the film and companion soundtrack, will be released to backers of the project as a physical artifact of the unique and awe-inspiring experience.

The project — anchored by internationally renowned photographers Tim Navis + Kim Høltermand and aided by film collective Scenic and composer Deru — will be unique in its improvisational spirit.

NTS Radio

We’re loving Dalson based radio station NTS radio. Music, interviews, and everything in between, some great shows from morning to late. Something for everyone really.

Grampian Mountains

Formed in north-east Scotland and now transmitting from Glasgow, Grampian Mountains is an independent creative audio-visual studio specializing in design and art direction for creative industries. As well as creating some lovely design work, Craig is also an accomplished DJ under the moniker Point To C. We would highly recommend grabbing some of his mixes from his profile on Mixed Bizness here.


Andrew Telling is back. Madre is a short film that documents artist Wordtomother time at Fame Festival, Italy in 2010. The film features Lucy Mclauchlan, Cyop&Kaf and the man responsible for Fame festival, Angelino Milano.

The soundtrack by Buddy Peace & Lucasse is available to download for free.

Ben Drury

First time I have seen this, a new site from the influential Ben Drury.

Matthew Donaldson

Matthew Donaldson is a director and photographer whose career began by assisting Norman Parkinson, Lord Snowdon and Terence Donovan. With this wealth of experience, Matthew went freelance and soon had his first commercial studio set up in Charlotte Street, London. Working internationally, continuously in demand, and notoriously shooting some form of image every day, Matthew is a highly respected and very prolific fashion and beauty photographer. His clean crisp style has lent itself to many campaigns for clients including Sony, Harrods, Sony Ericsson, Kvadrat, Swarovski, Coca Cola and The Macallan.

The short film above is a recent collaboration between Matthew, internationally renowned hairstylist Sam McKnight, make-up artist Val Garland and music by Zero 7. As his model daughter Lily spins 360 degrees, her hair buffeted by four wind machines, Donaldson stretches two seconds into two hypnotic minutes, capturing every exquisite movement at 1,000 frames per second.

Touch Wood

This amazing mobile telephone advert features a giant wooden marimba, hand-built in the woods of Kyushu, Japan. As the ball rolls down the installation in this 3-minute video, Bach’s Cantana 147 is played out.

Japanese ad agency Drill Inc. created the work for NTT Docomo’s Touch Wood SH-08C handset, which just so happens to be encased in wood. Drill creative director Morihiro Harano conceived of the instrument with Kenjiro Matsuo of Invisible Designs Lab carrying out the build.

Stateless x Field

This is the beautiful record sleeve for Stateless’ single “Assassinations” on Ninja Tune. Created in a collaboration between our friends at FIELD and Oscar&Ewan, the artwork is inspired by the mystic female spirits crowding the songs of the album.

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wupwup is a gathering of international artists operating in different fields of expression with focus on new and interdisciplinary ways of cultural production. Their goal is simple, to bring good music, art, design and fashion to the people they love.