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Colin Parker

When Colin Parker first adorned the shirt of Edinburgh College of Art Football Club, I was not aware that his feet were not the only talented part of our accomplished goal scorer.

Parker specialises in furniture and bespoke carpentry for both domestic and commercial clientele. With a particularly sensitive eye for detail, palette and finish, the experienced craftsman works mainly in and around the city of Edinburgh in Scotland, however his workshop is situated in the East Lothian countryside. This rural location is a welcome departure from the industrial units of the city.


Interior magicians Wonderwall have an archive exhibition of scale modeled work where you can visit the spaces and places created by head Katayama, taking a closer look at his practice and techniques, his use of materials and the mood he creates, for client such as Uniqlo and Nike amongst other.

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Anzas Dance Studio

Stunning application of glass vinyl by Japanese Architect Yohimasa Tsutsumih creating an almost dream like atmosphere in this dance studio.

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Ron Arad


The Barbican is staging the first major exhibition in Britian of the internationally acclaimed and London-based designer, Ron Arad. Commencing on the 18th of February, you will be able to experience Arad’s work and influences through workshops, performances, discussions and games, led by cutting-edge like-minded practitioners. Check here for an event and talk schedule.

The Hansen Family

The Hansen Family is a new Scandinavian design by Gesa Hansen.

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Noon Studio is a collaboration between Taiani VincentGautier Pelegrin.

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Wonder Wall


Great new site from interior maestros Wonderwall



Set26 2

Love this oversized type furniture from Swiss company Set26. Would love a set of my initials for underwear

Bastard Store / studiometrico

Another skateboard related post but I just couldn’t resist this! Italian architecture practice studiometrico have converted an old cinema in Milan, into the new  Bastard flagship store, which also includes a suspended bowl and offices. It’s interesting to see how the original form of the cinema helps to create such a unique space to work and play, living the dream! I’ve put a few more images up for your viewing pleasure other than that there is a really good article on Arch Daily about it.

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Muti Randolph

Muti Randolph has created some beautiful light and topographic-like installations.

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Wall Through Wall

I love this.

In the corporate world, usually there is nothing more plain or mundane than the surface on which employees tread upon. As such, they tend to be designed with their durability in mind rather than having any great aesthetic value. Carpets for Buildings aim to change this trend, and my word, they certainly have. Their creative solution uses computer controlled carpet printing machines to create special visual and spheric effects which are strikingly beautiful with limitless potential.

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Ever wondered what one of your concept sketches would look like if it was turned directly in to the finished item? Well, Swedish company Front have demonstrated to us that it is possible, and with interesting results.

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Royal/T is a playful collision of art gallery, café and retail shop within a 10,000 sf warehouse in Culver City, California. wHY Architecture designed the space unlike any other, playing upon traditional rules of gallery, retail and restaurant design. Rather than the ‘white box’ space, existing walls remained unpainted, and undulating ribbons of ten foot high acrylic walls contain the art and retail offerings in architectural vitrines.

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Surface has won the Riba Award for 2008 with the Birkbeck College remodelling, in Gordon Square, London.