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David Lemm

Lovely illustration work from Edinburgh based David Lemm. The image above really reminded me of the Gil Scot Heron video for ‘Me and the Devil‘, nice. You can purchase some of David’s work through the great ‘Own Art’ scheme, curated by The Skinny, via Culture Label here.


Stunning portait series from illustrator and designer Melvin Galapon, whose work I have just come across. Have a look through his site and prepare to be amazed at the quality.

Grampian Mountains / Loops Haunt – Ark

This is the latest stunning release by Black Acre Records from Dundee producer Loops Haunt. Droppin’ 28th Nov on heavy 180g vinyl (with a digital release), 50 prints will be hidden amongst the stock of the vinyl containing a beautiful screenprinted piece from Mr Grampian Mountains, who is also responsible for the EP artwork. Fact Magazine have described this release as ‘one of the most colossal releases of the year’ and we would have to agree.

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Brandt Brauer Frick

This is a lovely little music video for K7 artists Brandt Brauer Frick for the track Caffeine. Illustrations by Danae Diaz.


Lyken is a multidisciplinary artist living in Glasgow, who divides his time between painting and composing electronic music. A notable pioneer, he was among the first to begin writing graffiti in Scotland during the eighties.

His gestural paintings toy with scale and time, capturing the turbulent events and cycles of a living cosmos. These are worlds within worlds, chemical universes revealed at a microscopic level. Taking influences from cellular division and decay, bacterial spread and meteorological phenomena, themes of mutation and metamorphosis are explored in vibrant forms.

Like his art, his latest album ‘Bit Rot’ reflects this same detail. Decayed sounds and transmissions shimmer in space, a melodic sea of scientific musical patterns that chime with that certain universal emotion.

Available now on iTunes, SpotifyAmazon, Bleep, Boomkat and Juno.

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Charles Anderson

Charles Anderson is an Edinburgh-based painter whose work explores the role of painting throughout history, and its place in contemporary art. By juxtaposing information and imagery taken from all aspects of contemporary life, he develops new and critical definitions, often with a satirical twist. His paintings are reminiscent of the weathered and layered effect of street advertising and billboards, which he re-creates through the sole use of paint.

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Joe Crogan

Joe Crogan is a 26 years old student from Glasgow School of Art who always wears a rubbish denim waistcoat. Apart from his dubious choice of attire, his work is fresh and thoroughly entertaining.

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Egor Kraft

Egor Kraft is a 24 year old artist & illustrator who divides his time between Moscow, St.Petersburg and cold Scandinavia. One of the founders of a creative trio called Dopludό Collective, the main themes of Kraft’s creative activity are conditionality of all boundaries, predominance of essence over existence and primacy of thought and desire before a matter.

His work was discovered via his submission to our Flickr group.

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Sarah Muirhead

Sarah Muirhead’s portraits grant compassion, complexity and capability to the much-maligned modern male. Men who are easy to write off as unshaven tattooed nʼer-do-wells become sympathetic small town heroes – and perceived threats turn into disarming confidantes. Employing biro, brand names and band T-shirts, Sarah haunts tattoo parlours, working menʼs clubs and pubs to find her subjects.

The Outsiders gallery in Newcastle is currently exhibiting a new body of her work until 3rd September 2011.

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Thomas Adam


Thomas Adam is an Edinburgh-based artist who employs low-tech techniques to examine ideas of the medium within a physical manner, in an attempt to blur the lines between the established concepts of drawing, the physical and the metaphysical.

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Some really lovely stuff from Swiss studio Moiré.

Jan Håkon Robson

Some beautiful hand rendered work from Toy Agency member Jan Håkon Robson. Stunning. All the way from Norway via Tanzania.

Loose Leaf

Loose Leaf is a ‘hybrid format’ limited edition publication featuring commissioned and previously unpublished artworks. Packaged in an ‘unbound format allows the viewer to edit, select, and reshuffle images on an ongoing basis.’ A lovely project from Tom Crabtree at Manual out of San Francisco, check out the Loose Leaf website for more information.

Field x GF Smith

Our friends at Field have recently created 10.000 unique digital paintings for G. F. Smith. Printed on an HP Indigo 7500 digital press on ‘naturalis smooth’ absolute white and sapphire coated 330gsm paper, these works are a stunning application of generative art.

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