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Jim Sanborn

These images were produced by American artist Jim Sanborn using large format, light projection directly onto different landscapes. All of the pieces were photographed at night using long exposures, sometimes lit with searchlights. The landforms themselves are quite large, and as such required the projector and camera to be, about ½ mile away from the subject landscape.

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Mtendere Mandowa

Lovely little mini doc focusing on the artwork of visual artist Mtendere Mandowa who most people will know as musician Teebs. His new record Collections 01 is out now on Brainfeeder and is a beautiful piece of work.


Lyken is a multidisciplinary artist living in Glasgow, who divides his time between painting and composing electronic music. A notable pioneer, he was among the first to begin writing graffiti in Scotland during the eighties.

His gestural paintings toy with scale and time, capturing the turbulent events and cycles of a living cosmos. These are worlds within worlds, chemical universes revealed at a microscopic level. Taking influences from cellular division and decay, bacterial spread and meteorological phenomena, themes of mutation and metamorphosis are explored in vibrant forms.

Like his art, his latest album ‘Bit Rot’ reflects this same detail. Decayed sounds and transmissions shimmer in space, a melodic sea of scientific musical patterns that chime with that certain universal emotion.

Available now on iTunes, SpotifyAmazon, Bleep, Boomkat and Juno.

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Gavin Worth

Beautifully simple wire sculptures from multi-talented artist Gavin Worth.

Dev Harlan

Dev Harlan is a multidisciplinary artist whose hybrid practice combines the physical and the virtual with the use of sculpture, light and projection. As a self educated Artist, Designer and CG Director, Devan’s uniquely identifiable aesthetic language and reductionist approach place his work at the forefront of a new mode of media arts practice.

Etienne Gros

The art and sculptural work of Etienne Gros, whose work is predominantly based around the (many) forms of the female body.

Charles Anderson

Charles Anderson is an Edinburgh-based painter whose work explores the role of painting throughout history, and its place in contemporary art. By juxtaposing information and imagery taken from all aspects of contemporary life, he develops new and critical definitions, often with a satirical twist. His paintings are reminiscent of the weathered and layered effect of street advertising and billboards, which he re-creates through the sole use of paint.

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Sarah Muirhead

Sarah Muirhead’s portraits grant compassion, complexity and capability to the much-maligned modern male. Men who are easy to write off as unshaven tattooed nʼer-do-wells become sympathetic small town heroes – and perceived threats turn into disarming confidantes. Employing biro, brand names and band T-shirts, Sarah haunts tattoo parlours, working menʼs clubs and pubs to find her subjects.

The Outsiders gallery in Newcastle is currently exhibiting a new body of her work until 3rd September 2011.

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Thomas Adam


Thomas Adam is an Edinburgh-based artist who employs low-tech techniques to examine ideas of the medium within a physical manner, in an attempt to blur the lines between the established concepts of drawing, the physical and the metaphysical.

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Alex Steckly

Love the pattern, shape, colour and texture Alex Steckly creates.

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Ambiguous Narratives

Ambiguous Narratives by Marlo Pascual

Greg Bogin

Clean, minimal . . . Greg Bogin

Tony Orrico

Tony Orrico is a visual artist and performer who can best be described as a human spirograph. Wielding graphite in both hands, Orrico creates intricate patterns around his body, propelling himself in circles by deliberately moving his feet.

Via Sarah Muirhead

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We recently held our first creative showcase featuring the creations of the controversial Scottish artist, Kevin Harman. ‘Mesomorphic’ was a collection of his old and new artworks which were on display at the Old Ambulance Depot in Edinburgh from 4 – 14 March.

You can view a selection of the works from the show below.

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