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Touch Wood

This amazing mobile telephone advert features a giant wooden marimba, hand-built in the woods of Kyushu, Japan. As the ball rolls down the installation in this 3-minute video, Bach’s Cantana 147 is played out.

Japanese ad agency Drill Inc. created the work for NTT Docomo’s Touch Wood SH-08C handset, which just so happens to be encased in wood. Drill creative director Morihiro Harano conceived of the instrument with Kenjiro Matsuo of Invisible Designs Lab carrying out the build.


Steve Berra (The Berrics) joins Mexican skaters Jesus Gonzalez, Eder Martinez, Mario Saenz, Angel Santiago and American Luis Tolentino for this Burn Ignite film, shot on location in Mexico City and directed by Garth Davis.

This film was created alongside two short-form documentaries, one featuring Jess Kimura and the all girl hardcore snowboarding film collective Peep Show, the other is a portrait that celebrates the electric lyrics and gritty beat artistry of rapper/poet Julius Wright, aka Lyrical God.

Directed by Garth Davis
DOP: Greig Fraser
Camera: Canon 5D(!)
Music written produced & performed by Django Django



With the World Cup in full swing (almost), Umbro are giving you the chance to design your own crests using customizable online elements or the ability to upload a piece of your own artwork, with the five best crests receiving shirts proudly embroidered with their own crest. A nice little competition if you have some time spare between games, and who has not wanted to see their own logo on a kit of some kind.


Love this ‘Barbershop’ series of artworks commissioned by Adidas. By South African agency TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris

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I’m loving this new advertising campaign created by Ogilvy Paris for Perrier. They have made really wonderful use surrealism to get their message across. The work reminds me of the clever melting Ice Cream Van by The Glue Society.

Time for a drink of water, it’s certainly got me thirsty.

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Girl Skateboards (RED)

Most people are familiar with RED, the fund raising organisation that works to promote awareness of the AIDS epidemic by collaboration with major brands (Converse & Apple). Designed by Wolff Olins it is one of the finest examples of original branding in the last ten years. However, I found this example of its use interesting as it has been picked up by a more specialised brand than previously, that of Girl Skateboards.

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Check out this clever and thought provoking street advertising campaign for the Australian Childhood Foundation. The campaign is currently running in Melbourne, Australia and was created by JWT.

Jesse Chorng

Jesse is an economics student at Carnegie Mellon University, but don’t hold that against him as he is also a talented coder. His most recent work is an installation at Kicksburgh. It’s an interactive “sneaker mirror” created by using Processing, that basically takes a live video feed and reproduces it as a mosaic of iconic sneakers.

It reminds me of the work of Daniel Rozin, who coincedentally has been referenced by Jesse on his website. Über cool!

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Every image has a sound

Really nice use of media on this campaign, designed for a Brazilian sound production company by DM9DDB.

Check it out in action

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Alvin Chan

This advertising campaign for Nike Foootball was submitted to HR by Alvin Chan. His site has some really nice work but his experimental work (below) shines out brightest for me, definitely worth a look.

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BMW Z4 – Augmented Reality

In their latest TV commercial for the BMW Z4, artist Robin Rhode uses a roadster as a 306hp paintbrush to create a performance that’s as colourful as it is unique.

Now you can recreate the experience using augmented reality technology. If you have a webcam (and Windows) you’ll be able to get behind the wheel of your own virtual BMW Z4 and use it to express yourself.

Ray-Ban Colorize

d.kele has just collaborated with Thomas Rusch on the new Ray-Ban Colorize campaign. For the release of their iconic frames in a rainbow of colors, they pitched Thomas on the idea of shooting a modern Pop Art interpretation of an Andy Warhol style, shooting it entirely in-camera with the help of an incredible makeup artist named Loni Baur.

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Let It Shine

The latest Honda ad is an epic spot directed by Erik van Wyk through ad agency Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam.

‘Let it Shine’ features a huge grid of the new Honda Insight come alive at night to act as pixels in the worlds largest LED screen. It is a quite incredible animation featuring hugs and kisses, frowns turned into smiles, and general good will, which is all meant to convey people’s inherent wish to be good.

Aygo Idents

Zeitguised directed 15 Toyota Aygo idents for T4/Channel4 in the UK, with the help of production geniuses Rokkit. Interesting work.

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