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We recently held our first creative showcase featuring the creations of the controversial Scottish artist, Kevin Harman. ‘Mesomorphic’ was a collection of his old and new artworks which were on display at the Old Ambulance Depot in Edinburgh from 4 – 14 March.

You can view a selection of the works from the show below.

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Japan — Tsunami Appeal

In response to the Japanese disaster on the 11th March our friend Daniel Freytag at Editions of 100 has designed and printed a special limited edition print simply entitled ‘Japan’.

He is donating 100% of all of the proceeds to the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal, perfect if your looking for a lovely new print for your wall and want to help out with an extremely good cause.

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Goodbye Old, Hello New

So that’s us for this year. With the snow kicking in and our urge to drink and be merry taking over, we’re taking a festive break, ready to come back fresh in the New Year. And we mean fresh.

Have a great one and remember to follow us on Twitter here, you never know what we might be announcing.


COME Collective

COME collective will be turning two this coming June 12th and we have the pleasure of broadcasting their exclusive live aural and visual performance right here. They will be celebrating across two Edinburgh venues (Cabaret Voltaire & Roxy Art House) with an array of art, dance, music and multi sensory experiences. Stay tuned for further information about the performance and our broadcast.

COME is an ever changing group of people who want to get involved in the different events they hold. So far more than 50 artists have created artworks using a great number of mediums inspired by varying themes. On the music side they have hosted many local talents like Hostage and international greats such as BLK JKS. They have transformed six venues across Edinburgh and St Andrews with plans of expanding across to Glasgow later in the year. Their street performances during their Festival of Total Art, got them kudos on the BBC News website last year. Like us, this year will see them evolve their online presence with live broadcasts and interactive artworks.

View the lineup below.

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Axolotl Gallery Partnership

We are delighted to announce that Human Resources™ are now working in partnership with Scotland’s fresh Axolotl Gallery. This means that over the next few months we will be revealing the latest competitions, exhibitions and general happenings that will be taking place at their beautiful space on Dundas Street, set in the heart of Edinburgh’s vibrant art scene.

An exciting new gallery, Axolotl focuses on figurative and narrative work in various media including painting, drawing, limited edition prints, sculpture and photography. Axolotl aims to showcase the work of emerging artists working in these genres, providing them with a suitable platform to establish themselves with a wider audience and promote their work. Although based in Scotland, Axolotl is not a ‘Scottish gallery’ in the sense of showing work of predominantly Scottish themes. While they work with many Scottish artists, the themes explored are universal in nature. The gallery will also be showing work from other emerging artists from Europe and beyond. If you would like to submit your artwork to the gallery for possible inclusion in future exhibitions, please get in touch with gallery owner Derek Butter by visiting their website.

They are about to hold their Spring Exhibition from April 3 – April 24 2010, featuring groups of work from five main artists including; Michael Wildman, Steven Hendry, Sarah Wilson, Philomena Pretsell and Jill Farquhar. As a Human Resources™ reader, we would like to invite you to attend the private view of their Spring Exhibition, which is taking place this coming Friday 2nd April. To attend, all you have to do is RSVP or accept their Facebook event invitation.

You can follow them at:
+ Twitter
+ Facebook
+ Flickr

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New Author


It’s 2010 and Human Resources™ is starting to develop a more feminine side. We are really happy to be introducing Bryony Lloyd, our latest author. Since graduating with a degree in Illustration from the University of Brighton, and mucking around in New York for a bit, she has been working as a freelance illustrator in London.

Bryony cherishes all things nostalgic and tries to project this in her collage work, taking reference from old books, films and people that she admires (or is obsessed with). She wont admit it herself, but she also has her own eclectic blog of interesting books and people, that has been high on our blog radar for some time now. Well worth checking out.

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New Millenium


After a little over a year of existence, today we are celebrating the milestone of notching up our 1,000th post. To mark the occasion, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you, alongside all of our featured artists, for helping to make Human Resources™ the place it is.

You could say that the last twelve months have been eventful for us. We now receive around 500,000 hits per month from every corner of Planet Earth, and recently we were nominated by style bible Dazed & Confused magazine, for their ‘Arts & Culture Website of the Year’ award.

We hope that you will remain with us for the next 1,000 and you can rest assured that our project will continue to evolve over the coming months, with some exciting new developments.


Kinga Offert from Poland sent in these lovely hand-painted Luchadore figurines. Her original idea was to juxtapose the world of Mexican wrestlers with the gray and sad reality of Polish streets. But as it happens, the project got out of control and the figures, which were originally made as part of the diploma work, started to show up in different, faraway countries.

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Dazed & Confused – Nominated


I’ve been out of action for a while, but if there was ever a way to return, this would be it. I’m delighted and excited to announce that we have just received the accolade of being shortlisted by Dazed & Confused for Arts & Culture blog of the year.

If you enjoy what we do and have a spare couple of seconds, we would love and greatly appreciate if you would vote for us by clicking here and looking for our listing (no registration required).

Your Golden Opportunity

It’s Monday, and another dose of creative inspiration arrived through my letterbox this morning. The parcel originated from Los Angeles and was sent by the talented photographer RJ Shaughnessy. Contained within the package was his latest publication titled, Your Golden Opportunity Is Comeing Soon (according to RJ, this was misspelled on purpose). The book is a series of black & white images of tired or damaged street furniture, beautifully captured in a way that further isolates them, emphasising their neglect.

The rest of his portfolio is well worth a look and intriguingly, RJ was part of the Adidas House Party campaign, which was featured on Human Resources back in February.

Thanks for sending it over RJ.

A Surprise From Brazil

I woke up to a lovely surprise yesterday. It came from Brazil in the form of this beautiful vacuum packed typography game.

Many thanks to the nice people at ps.2.


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Matthew Dent

The talented Matthew Dent got in touch with us to let our readers know about his latest project. He has kindly offered to create an illustration for you. All that you have to do is send him an email with your name, likes and dislikes and once he has finished it, he will then send it to you.

Matt was even so kind as to create an illustration for Human Resources, which you can see above. What a nice fellow.

Whilst we are on the subject, if you would like try illustrating our logo, then get in touch with us at hello [at] and we will most likely provide you with some exposure.

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