Monthly Archive for December, 2011

Lucky Me Advent

One of our favourite labels, Scottish based Lucky Me, have transformed their homepage into an advent calendar. Giving out a free high quality MP3 everyday until xmas with rarities, b sides, edits, classics and brand new exclusives from their extended family of artists. Lucky you. Visit them here.

Recession hitting hard?

Nice photographic series from Berlin based Johanna Klein

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David Lemm

Lovely illustration work from Edinburgh based David Lemm. The image above really reminded me of the Gil Scot Heron video for ‘Me and the Devil‘, nice. You can purchase some of David’s work through the great ‘Own Art’ scheme, curated by The Skinny, via Culture Label here.

Jim Sanborn

These images were produced by American artist Jim Sanborn using large format, light projection directly onto different landscapes. All of the pieces were photographed at night using long exposures, sometimes lit with searchlights. The landforms themselves are quite large, and as such required the projector and camera to be, about ½ mile away from the subject landscape.

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OKI-NI Mix Series

Really doing it for us just now is the oki-ni Mix Series, where the fashion retailer can be seen working with world-renowned DJs, bands and producers with the aim to to present sounds that ‘venture off the dancefloor’, allowing each artists involved to produce a unique and personal mixe resulting in an eclectic, compelling and unique soundscape. They have just released their 55th in the series, so be sure so check out their archive and get listening.