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wupwup is a gathering of international artists operating in different fields of expression with focus on new and interdisciplinary ways of cultural production. Their goal is simple, to bring good music, art, design and fashion to the people they love.

Who shot JR

Nice piece on Jetset Graffiti detailing images of the latest piece from French artist JR and his ‘Wrinkles in the City’ series, which you can see throughout L.A (FYI, JR won the coveted TED prize for 2011).

Daniel Arsham

Beautiful artworks from Daniel Arsham, across any media (and dimension) he see’s fit.

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Res & Dev Sweden

Lovely looking, clean graphic design work from Sweden’s Research and Development.


The controversial artist Kevin Harman is putting on a solo show of new and old artworks at the Old Ambulance Depot in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Known as the man who pinched two hundred doormats and smashed a scaffolding pole through a gallery window before exhibiting the results, Harman may cause controversy, but his artwork has proven to be far more constructive than destructive.

If your in the Edinburgh area, we would like to invite you to the opening which is taking place on Friday 4th March 2011 between 18:30 and 21:30. We are sure to be there.

— Opening
March 04 / 18:30 – 21:30

— Public Viewing
March 05 – 14 / 10:00 – 18:00

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The Movie Title Stills Collection

Like movies titles, so do we. And so do these guys, who collect hundreds of titles from feature films and curat them into The Movie Title Stills Collection. Magnificent. Go explore (also features lots of end sequences too).

Rikka Sormunen

Kind of drawn to the illustration work of Rikka Sormunen (probably because its mainly ladies in their undies I suspect), nice nonetheless .

Disposable Media

Lovely idea from Russian studio Art Lebedev for a kind of carboard, tear off disposable USB drive where you can write, draw and scribble directly onto the media itself. Maybe next we can have USB devices that self destruct after the data is read? Just a thought.

Bureau Mirko Borsche

Bureau Mirko Borsche, a Munich based studio founded by Mirko Borsche in 2007.


Extensive new ‘blog’ format site for Saturday London — An  design agency who’s work is very much rooted in the fashion and luxury sectors.

Effektive – Updates

Effektive have just completed a tasty new job for Architecture + Design Scotland. They created a brand identity and a series of rivet bound, perforated postcard exhibition guides (Issue 1 and 2) and a poster/mailer for the education workshops for LOA+DS at The Lighthouse – A series of free architectural and design related exhibitions and workshops.

The current series issue 2 of exhibitions includes the Dundee V&A Architectural Design Competition entries which are now on display at The Lighthouse on Mitchell Lane in Glasgow and run until August.

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‘Checkthis creates beautiful stand-alone web pages for instant sharing. No account, no set-up, no complications.’ For use it anywhere on virtually any platform. A very handy tool for any web user to share, inform and create. (And if that wasn’t enough, Checkthis also has an Identity designed by Build)


Nice new site for creative Thomas Traum, an artist ‘using new tools and processes for a digital world’.


Interior magicians Wonderwall have an archive exhibition of scale modeled work where you can visit the spaces and places created by head Katayama, taking a closer look at his practice and techniques, his use of materials and the mood he creates, for client such as Uniqlo and Nike amongst other.

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