Monthly Archive for December, 2010

Goodbye Old, Hello New

So that’s us for this year. With the snow kicking in and our urge to drink and be merry taking over, we’re taking a festive break, ready to come back fresh in the New Year. And we mean fresh.

Have a great one and remember to follow us on Twitter here, you never know what we might be announcing.


Mixtape 05 / Andrew Telling

It’s that time of year and thanks to Andrew Telling we are in a giving mood. The man has just released the second part of his Human Resources Mixtape series.


Next of KIN

A new studio to me, KIN design are an interaction studio in the heart of London responsible for the Wallpaper* custom cover project earlier this year. They also created this reactive sound form video for Werkdiscs artist and boss Actress (who released one of my albums of this year in Splazsh)


Max Hattler decided to portray‚ in an stunningly abstracted manner‚ the whole universe on ONE huge disk that is rotating at the same speed throughout (it rotates at 7400 degrees per second!). In his words “the camera is zooming out continuously from the centre of the disk (the beginning of time, the big bang) until the whole disk is in view (the here and now, current age of the universe). It means there is an underlying unchanging speed that rules everything.”

Best watched in full screen with the lights off and your headphones on.

If we don’t, remember me

Swimming in the vast sea of Tumblr blogrolls like a tranquil blue whale is If we don’t, remember me, an animated gif blog dedicated to small details from film and cinema. Not your usual aggregated nonsensicals.

14 Actors

New York Times presents 14 Actors Acting, a video gallery of classic screen types (and Matt Damon).

Nobuhiro Nakanishi Layers

Impressive layered landscape art by Japanese artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi.

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Sagmeister. New. Done ( via @Neuarmy )


Don’t know much about Lisbon based +2 Designers other than they are Portuguese (duh!) and they make some rather lovely editorial work. (via the always smashing MagCulture)

Jesse Kanda

Wowzers. Jesse Kanda has a new site. Please visit now (via @miketucker).

To Lee, With Love, Nick

Stunning video directed by Nick Knight and set to an exclusive soundtrack by Björk celebrating the breathtaking imagination and groundbreaking designs of Lee Alexander McQueen. A moving and beautiful tribute . Visit SHOWstudio to watch the piece. (via @cloakXdagger )


Its Monday morning, its snowing again, but fret not, HR regular Mr Zawada has a new site up. Enjoy

Tron Experience

This is the full projection mapping sequence from the HP ePrint & TRON: Legacy Experience on the the roof of the QEH on London’s Southbank, which is on from late November – early Dec 2010.

The work was created by Guided Collective in collaboration with Flat-e / Seeper (animation and projection mapping) and Si Begg (sound design and re-jigged elements from Daft Punk’s TRON: Legacy soundtrack) as an immersive visual spectacle augmented with snippets from Daft Punk’s soundtrack and orignal sound FX from the film.

Romain Laurent

Love looking at the slighly surreal photography of Romain Laurent.