Monthly Archive for November, 2010

Gabriel Dawe

Incredible colour installations from Mexican born Gabriel Dawe. Looks like a fantastic multi-coloured rainbow shower with the use of textiles and embroidery. Some beautifully vibrant work for this cold, white November day.

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Ian Party

Ian Party creates beautiful type as part of the BP Foundry out of Lausanne as well as teaching type design at ECAL. You may have also seen his type work adorning the pages of Esquire magazine.

Marc Newson

Great BBC documentary on one of the ‘most influential designers of his generation’ Marc Newson. Split across 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 parts on youtube. (via @heydaysstudio ). In other Marc Newson related news, his latest collection with G-Star clothing has some stunning pieces.

Endless Landscape

Love this piece of work by artist Sophie Whettnall, Endless Landscape. White pencil on 12 metres of black painted wall. Stunning

Creative Applications Network

The Creative Applications Network is your daily dose of inspiring apps for Mac, PC and iPhone . . . Great resource


‘Light and dark, noise and calm, beauty, decay, pain and hope–these are the shattering contrasts that propel our lives ahead in the boundless, throbbing river of existence. None of us knows what the next moment will bring, the raptures and terrifying discoveries born with every choice. And yet, in the alternation of day and night, in the ebb and tide of the oceans, in the constant expansion and quiet contraction of our lungs in and out with each breath–we know our journey is not random chaos but a journey where every shouting supernova, every trembling cell, returns to the one perfect mystery from which we all come and go.’

Video by Ayhan Cebe

Bleep — 2010

‘High Quality Music & Media’ online retailer are set to offer an amazing Best of 2010, 100 track gift card, embossed with the download code with clear plastic card holder and 2 silver foil stickers. The perfect gift for any music lovers out there, at a great price. Check here for more info. via@GiveUpArt

Nerd Boyfriend

Great concept for this Fashion / Style blog linking modern pieces to great / classic looks from stars past and present. Nerd Boyfriend


Love this illustration concept by Swede Johan Thörnqvist.

Limit To Your Love

New video for man of the moment James Blake directed by Martin de Thurah.


Six Flags New Orleans was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. It has been abandoned ever since.

M/M Paris MMK Frankfurt

Walk-around from M/M Paris highlighting their fashion archive at the MMK Frankfurt. Absolutely love the hanging system.

Alex Trochut for Arcade Fire

Stunning piece of craftsmanship from typographic illustrative sorcerer Alex Trochut. Crazy nice


Our friends at Field have just created a digital dance performance exploring the eternal struggle of good and evil, for Stateless‘ latest single Ariel, which is soon to be released on Ninja Tune.
FIELD animated the two opponent characters of the song as surreal human figures, drawing dynamic sculptures into space. They collaborated with professional dancer Dominic North to record an impromptu interpretation of the song in a motion capture studio. There is a really interesting ‘making of’ video which can be found here.
The work was commissioned by Oscar&Ewan.