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Arcade Fire in a town near you

Chris Milk + HTML5 + Google Earth = Arcade Fire’s new interactive video The Wilderness Downtown. A must see

Studio Lin

Studio Lin is the New York based graphic design practice of Alex Lin

Fabio Ongarato

Beautiful work from Australian based Fabio Ongarato Design.

Young Northern British Artists

Axolotl Gallery (Venue 209) is soon to present its debut Edinburgh Fringe Festival show, ‘Young Northern British Artists’.

The event is sure to be a vibrant exhibition of figurative and narrative art from emerging graduates from the four Scottish Art Schools and featuring new work by international artists and jewellers.

The gallery is bringing together the very best of the 2010 Graduate Degree Shows emerging from the four major Scottish Art Schools; Edinburgh, Glasgow, Grays School of Art and Duncan of Jordanstone. Many of the artists are as yet unknown but have already been chosen for the prestigious Royal Scottish Academy’s New Contemporaries Scotland Exhibition in Spring 2011.

Also featured is a collection of unique jewellery by Jared Sanders exploring themes of love, loss and memory.  Taking inspiration from traditional talismanic imagery using eclectic symbolism to illustrate the duality of love.

The exhibition runs 6 – 30 August daily 10-6pm Sunday 12-5pm  / Free (non ticketed).


Steve Berra (The Berrics) joins Mexican skaters Jesus Gonzalez, Eder Martinez, Mario Saenz, Angel Santiago and American Luis Tolentino for this Burn Ignite film, shot on location in Mexico City and directed by Garth Davis.

This film was created alongside two short-form documentaries, one featuring Jess Kimura and the all girl hardcore snowboarding film collective Peep Show, the other is a portrait that celebrates the electric lyrics and gritty beat artistry of rapper/poet Julius Wright, aka Lyrical God.

Directed by Garth Davis
DOP: Greig Fraser
Camera: Canon 5D(!)
Music written produced & performed by Django Django

Fabrice Lig

Sawdust have recently produced the design for ‘Genesis of a deep sound’ the latest album from ‘Fabrice Lig’ on label Fine Art recordings — It’s available on CD and 12” vinyl.

The album ‘Genesis of a Deep Sound’ is heavily focused on the ‘Genesis’ meaning the beginning, birth or creation. As Techno is a form of electronic dance music that emerged in Detroit, Michigan. Many different styles now exist, but Detroit techno is seen as the foundation upon which a number of subgenres have been built. The venues for this movement were predominantly held in old abandoned warehouses — Sawdust felt by capturing those run-down, yet beautiful open spaces, they could visualise the essence of the title ‘Genesis of a Deep Sound’.

They also produced a custom typeface to reflect the nature of electronic based music, one of beautiful compositions of sound and layering. The result is an interesting composition of form and colour, and by making the circular shapes key lines, it added an ‘imaginary’ third colour tone although still set in black.

The front of the Record has graphic indicators overlaid onto the image that when matched to the back spell the word ‘Genesis’.

Design and art direction by Sawdust
Creative production by Edit
Photography by Andrew Moore


TRIANGLE is a motion work which was created for the book ‘Black Material’ which showcases Robert Knoke’s artwork. Curator Jens Karlson asked Onur Senturk to make a short animation and to use Robert Knoke’s black and white artwork as basis for work. The video creates a tense harmony between geometrical forms and organic movements.

Senturk studied traditional painting and figure drawing followed by a traditional animation degree as his BFA. He took part in several international and national collaborative exhibitions with works in both print and time-based media. And recently, he designed and animated “Nokta.” which won him an Honorary Mention award from Prix Ars Electronica in Computer Animation/Film/VFX category.

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