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Square Beard

Square Beard are a growing muldisciplinary arts collective who have chosen not go their separate ways, but to stay true to their skool, to make something happen and commit to the city they all grew up in.

Edinburgh, a city no stranger to dualism, wrestles with its old demon of parochial conservatism and its new ambitions of becoming a major European political and economic capital. Yet at the beginning of the 21st century Edinburgh was still erecting nineteenth century monuments.

Against this backdrop of civic cowardice ‘Square Beard’ are exhibiting in a former ambulance depot in the spring of 2010. We would like to invite you to attend the event which is taking place at 7pm on Thursday, 22 April 2010.

The artists are Alex Allan, Ross Colquhoun, Matt Barnes, Liam Crichton, Connor Dupre, Kevin Harman, Mark Purves and Liam Richardson.

Alexa Meade

Some really interesting work from American artist Alexa Meade.

Via #Raspo

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