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Tobias Stretch

More stop motion magic by the mind bending Tobias Stretch. This time it’s for the track ‘Gig’ by American musician Brian Goss.

Axolotl Gallery Partnership

We are delighted to announce that Human Resources™ are now working in partnership with Scotland’s fresh Axolotl Gallery. This means that over the next few months we will be revealing the latest competitions, exhibitions and general happenings that will be taking place at their beautiful space on Dundas Street, set in the heart of Edinburgh’s vibrant art scene.

An exciting new gallery, Axolotl focuses on figurative and narrative work in various media including painting, drawing, limited edition prints, sculpture and photography. Axolotl aims to showcase the work of emerging artists working in these genres, providing them with a suitable platform to establish themselves with a wider audience and promote their work. Although based in Scotland, Axolotl is not a ‘Scottish gallery’ in the sense of showing work of predominantly Scottish themes. While they work with many Scottish artists, the themes explored are universal in nature. The gallery will also be showing work from other emerging artists from Europe and beyond. If you would like to submit your artwork to the gallery for possible inclusion in future exhibitions, please get in touch with gallery owner Derek Butter by visiting their website.

They are about to hold their Spring Exhibition from April 3 – April 24 2010, featuring groups of work from five main artists including; Michael Wildman, Steven Hendry, Sarah Wilson, Philomena Pretsell and Jill Farquhar. As a Human Resources™ reader, we would like to invite you to attend the private view of their Spring Exhibition, which is taking place this coming Friday 2nd April. To attend, all you have to do is RSVP or accept their Facebook event invitation.

You can follow them at:
+ Twitter
+ Facebook
+ Flickr

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Take a look at these stunning 3D environment renderings titled ‘Slices, Spheres and Limm’. They were created by Christoph Bader, who collaborates with Dominik Kolb and Julian Rohbach in the collective DepotArt.

Via Field.

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Mixtape 02 / Beneath Us, The Waves

Neil Milton is a Scottish musician, composer, DJ, photographer and blogger, who is currently living in Warsaw, Poland.

As a musician, he composes and records under the name ‘Beneath us, the waves’. His sound is glacial, shimmering and drifts haphazardly between ambient soundscapes and minimalist classical compositions.

Starting out as a DJ during the first act of his record label ‘Too Many Fireworks’, he held a club night at Glasgow’s Barfly for two years. As if that was not keeping him busy enough, he is also one half of the photography collaboration and podcasting duo ‘We Sink Ships’. Through which, he creates and curates photographic exhibitions and presents a weekly podcast on Radio Magnetic.


Construct describe themselves as a communications company that listen to their clients and produce intelligent, meaningful design. I have to agree.

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Imm Living


Imm Living have some good-humored gadgets and gifts, especially their range of usb sticks. I would really appreciate the comb one considering the state of my fringe right now.

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Julien Mercier

Cool invite for Louis Vuitton called ‘Hotel Suite’. Designed by Swiss born, Toyko-based designer Julien Mercier.

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Ben Olins

Interesting little project from Ben over at Herb Lester Associates. You Are Here maps were created to record and highlight London’s best places to meet. The guys are working on their website and I’ll be back with an update from them soon.

For you copy contact [herb at herblester dot com]

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Joy Fantastic

In preparation for his headline tour, Hudson Mohawke presents his awesome new video for the sublime track ‘Joy Fantastic’. The video was directed by Konx-Om-Pax, who is also the man behind Hudson’s artwork, with creative assistance from Dom Flannigan, James Houston, Christina Kernohan & Guy Veal.

Martin Vallin


The beautiful, extensive fashion and still life photographic portfolio of Martin Vallin.

Chloe Early


Some beautiful works by Chloe Early.

Andrew Telling

Cool short profiling London-based graffiti artist WordToMother. The film uncovers the artists creative process and the lead up to his third solo show ‘Lost For Words’ at Stolen Space Gallery in London.

This began as a self initiated project by the amazing Andrew Telling, who created both the audio and visuals. We’ll be hearing more from Telling in the near future so stay tuned!

Triboro / Timberlake


Brooklyn based Triboro Design created all the labeling systems and graphic output for Justin Timberlake’s clothing label William Rast. There is also a great little video from Oprah here with a tour of the William Rast HQ from Justin himself.

Edouard Salier

Graphic artist, designer, director or photographer, Edouard Salier has a versatile skill-set. His creative work has been shown and appreciated around the world, including Venice62, Sundance and Onedotzero. This super shiny music video was directed by Salier for Bristol trip-hop legends Massive Attack.

Via Marcus Wendt.