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I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. UNDERSCORE N°1: THE ___ ISSUE is the first issue of a magazine that was launched in conjunction with the Singapore Design Festival 2009. To put it very simply, it is about the quality of life. Thanks to Steph for getting in touch.

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Emory Douglas

Amazing little video brought to my attention from The PBLKs, produced by Babylon Falling, featuring one of my favourite artists Emory Douglas. I’ve always loved Emory’s powerful, political imagery, so strong, and I just wish I had a chance to catch his retrospective exhibition at the Urbis in Manchester a few months back. Check the video for a little interview and studio visit with the man himself. Enjoy.

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Lovely little brand story video for the unavailing of EURO 2012 in Poland / Ukraine, although I do think the actual mark its self is a little weak and a bit similar something you would pick up in Super Mario to ‘power-up’. What does everyone else think? Watch the video on youtube here or via UEFA here.



We have a problem.



Swiss designers DIY have just completed a video for French electronic artist Vitallic, based on the artwork they completed for his Flashmob LP. It’s all smoke and triangles, video after the jump Continue reading ‘Vitalic’



Purveyor of much niceness and long time favourite PMKFA updates.

Foodject – Toormix

Nice branding project from Barcelona-based Toormix, including logo, catalogue and environmental graphics to support the exhibition.

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Decode V&A

Decode is a new exhibition at V&A that aims to showcase ‘the latest developments in digital and interactive design, from small, screen-based, graphics to large-scale interactive installations.’ The exhibition includes works by established international artists and designers such as Daniel Brown, Golan Levin, Daniel Rozin, Troika and Karsten Schmidt. Check out the Decode gallery here and on Vimeo here. I especially love this open source, generative identity above by PostSpectacular. Running from now until April 2010.



Pretty unclassifiable this one, the creative work of duo Zoren Gold & Minori, aka Mi-Zo, is a treasure chest full of odd bits and bobs, all intriguing, some priceless. There monograph Object That Dreams published by Die Gestalten a couple of moons ago is worth picking up as well.

Jazz Journal

I love this Jazz Journal by Portugal-based studio, Martino Jana Design. Classic typographic details make this newspaper sized journal energetic, interesting and contemporary.

You can also catch them at Behanced

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Jamie Mitchell


Beautifully simple and refined graphic design from Jamie Mitchell. Lovely

via via via QBN


Kubrick Napoleon

The greatest movie never made, Tachen have released Stanley Kubricks extensive research, planning, photography and writings for what was to be his biopic of the great French General Napoleon. Representing decades of work by the great cinematic master and expertly designed by M/M Paris, it in essentially 10 small books encased in one large, guilded leather book. Amazing. Personally, as much as I’d like to see an adaptation of Napoleon, I’m not sure if anyone could actually do the project justice, especially given the recent historical adaptation disasters of the last few years (and everyone should remember the last time someone took the reins of a Kubrick project, although it wasn’t that bad).

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Check out this great music video by KORB, created for the track ‘I’ll be gone’ by Mario Basanov & Vidis, featuring Jazzu. It’s such a simple yet effective concept with a nice unexpected twist towards the end of the video.

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