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Butter Star Galactica

Remote Location recently produced this innovative promotional game in collaboration with Thomas Traum (Digital Club) & Mike Tucker (Hi-Res!). It was created for the new Hudson Mohawke album ‘Butter’, on Warp Records. So what’s your high score?

Drawing From Memory

Stephen Wiltshire is an amazing artist who draws and paints detailed cityscapes. He has a particular talent for drawing lifelike, accurate representations of cities, sometimes after having only observed them briefly. You can watch his current attempt to complete his last drawing in the series of panoramas, New York.

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Daniel Stolle

Stolle’s work has an old wartime feel. Its quite interesting how he uses so few colours but can still create a huge range of moods and styles. Beautiful.

Currently exhibiting at Illustrative 09, Berlin.



Don’t think we have posted any of Steve Harrington’s work, but Arkitip are selling his brilliant screenprinted ‘teepee’s’. Would absolutely love to see these full size in someones garden, what fun.

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Richie Gleason

NYC-based Art Director, Richie Gleason, has produced some interesting Look Books for next season, including Rachel Rachel Roy and Anne Klein.

Photography by Alistair Taylor-Young and  Anne Menke

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Von Birken


Ooh Wee!. One of my long time favourites, and makers of the wonderful E&A publication, Studio Von Birken, update with a new site. Hell yes!

From our friend @ September Industry

Project Projects


New to me, lots of lovely, intelligent work, and lots of great Project Projects

Round 2


Six Scents / Series 2

Holy atomic pile, Batman!


Indonesian photographer and illustrator Agan Harahap’s latest project see’s some of the world’s greatest Superhero’s woven into significant historical wartime scenes, featuring the likes of Batman, Superman and of course Spidey.

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Junior Taxi

Junior Taxi is the portfolio of London based freelance motion designer and illustrator Chris Thompson.

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Carl Craig Presents Tribe

It’s been a bit quiet around the Human Resource Department at the moment, so apologies for lack of updates, but we will be back to full effect soon. In the meantime, in a continuation to our previous Carl Craig post, the Detroit musician has returned via Grandcrew, performing classic Tribe material with trumpet-player Marcus Belgrave, drummer Doug Hammond,  and pianist Harold McKinne. Enjoy.

Who Stole My Lunch


Absolutely love these anti-theft lunch bags by Thinkofthe.

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Daren Newman

I came across typographer and illustrator, Newman, a while ago.

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