Monthly Archive for August, 2009

Glory Scarfs

These scarfs combine three of my favourite things in life, design, fashion and technology. Inspired by nature, science and the Apocalypse, the Glory Scarfs show a spectacular display of colour, pattern and mathematics.

Each one is a mathematically valid fractal, painstakingly created by entering a series of numbers and equations into a computer, creating a potentially infinite variety of form, colour and detail, whilst bringing the skill and technique of handcraft into the digital age.

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Re-branding London

Google London

Absolutely love this… Branding and digital agency Moving Brands has decided to document their pitch for the London re-branding public tender, as, in their own words, ‘we think it’s important that a public brand like this [London] isn’t designed behind closed doors.’ With this they have set up the blog A Brand For London to make public all their development work, and you can get involved as well by submitting your design/ideas here.

Kustaa Saksi

Kustaa Saksi

Illustrator Kustaa Saksi presents a great new website with great updates. Also be sure to check the Submarine Channels video interview / profile with the man himself if you missed that, below.

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More sound related product wizardry, this time Charlie Pyott presents his portable, slim cased turntable concept LINOS. I know alot of people who would love this product

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Stunning set of headphones from Scando-design company AiAiAi, launching November 2009. So simple and elegant, had to post these



Typedia is a community based resource website to help educate people about typefaces. Could be interesting

Stefan Kanchev


Ongoing, biographical project set up to document the work and life of Stefan Kanchev, containing many of the beautiful logos created by the ‘Hungarian State National Artist’. Lots of inspiration here



Set26 2

Love this oversized type furniture from Swiss company Set26. Would love a set of my initials for underwear


I’m a huge admirer of QLOCKTWO, a clock that tells time in words. It has a quadratic matrix of letters, where some of the letters are illuminated and the time is displayed as text in five minute intervals. If you need to tell a more exact time, all you need to do is look in the corner at the illuminated dots.

Anders Linden

I love the dream-like quality to the photography of Sweden based Anders Linden.

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James Gulliver Hancock

Hancock is a well travelled illustrator, whose work is mainly editorial based but has dabbled in a little animation. Reminds me of the extremely talented and much loved local, Stuart White.

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Human Resources regular Patrick Fry got in touch with news about his recently completed project titled No.Zine. It is a self initiated series of zines featuring a collection of young artists, writers, illustrators, photographers and designers. With the idea being that each of the zine’s content is based around the number of its issue. So really it’s a celebration of the power in numbers and how everything around us can relate to them.

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Jonathan Puckey creates these interesting and unique delaunay triangulation image vectors using the experimental Scriptographer and Color Averaging plugins for the Adobe Illustrator software. They remind me of the amazing sculptural works of Xavier Veilhan.

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Paper Mountains


It’s amazing how the simplest of forms can become something so different with the use of creativity and some clever art direction. A perfect example of this process is a photographic series titled Paper Mountains by New York based photographer Brendan Austin. He shoots crumbled paper in an abstracted, decontextualised way as to create the appearance of mountains. It’s a terrific and beautiful work.

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