Monthly Archive for June, 2009

Matthew Dent – Updates

The ever talented Matthew Dent got in touch with us towards the end of last week with some nice updates to his growing pool of great illustrative work. Interestingly, it would appear that he was also involved in the latest Glug event.

Matt was last featured on Human Resources after he created this super illustration for us.


The latest short film by Terri Timely explores Synesthesia; a neurologically based phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. A very visually interesting and surreal work.

Robert Longo

Robert Longo achieved critical acclaim in the 1980s with Men in the Cities, a dynamic drawing series depicting modern businessmen in contorted positions, a commentary on our contemporary afflictions and anxieties. Since then he has gone on to create an incredible volume of consistently brilliant illustrative work.

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Bas Princen

The stunning photography of Bas Princen have a painterly quality to them. Also a trained architect, Princen sees the pictures as constructing rather than recording space. His method finds a tension between man and his environment, and sometimes a sense that the city and the landscape have merged.

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Great piece on the Guardian showing how international newspapers reported the death of The King of Pop. Rio’s Extra being an execptional example above

Spin – Update

Another update from the wonderful Spin. New printed paraphernalia for Whitechapel Gallery.

Armani Bike

Very elegant bike from Armani and Bianchi.

Do It Yourself II

DIY have updated there site a bit. Can’t wait to see more

Josh Keyes – Updates

American painter Josh Keyes does it again with his 2009 updates. As you would expect, humanity, wildlife and cross sections collide in full colourful and illustrative glory.

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Ben Weiner

Breathtaking photo-realistic texture paintings by Ben Weiner.

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Xavier Veilhan – Updates

There are a number of very interesting updates on the website of super talented sculptor Xavier Veilhan. One such update is a giant version of his work titled Sophie, which was created for the restaurant Le Germain. The work is so large to the extent that it exists on two floors of the building. Very impressive.

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Giggle Party

Damien Weighill just got in touch to inform us about a great music video that he recently illustrated, which was co-directed and animated by Stephen Wake. Strangley enough, Damien used to go to college with one of my design buddies. Thanks for the heads up guys.

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Rare Book Room

Rare Book Room has an impressive collection of hi-res images of full ancient books, including Albrecht Dürer’s De Symmetria… and Underweysung der Messung, a classic on proportion and geometry with a chapter on, type design. Another book that interested me was, The First Six Books of the Elements of EuclidIt’s by Oliver Byrne, which is a mathematics book from 1849, however some of the diagrams it features are reminiscent of early modernist work, very interesting stuff.
A must for any fans of print.

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What’s In The Box

There has always been a great mystery surrounding what is in the box.