Monthly Archive for April, 2009

Gildo Medina

Paris based and Mexican born Gildo Medina, has a versatile illustrative style that hints at the darker realms of illustration, without being overly crude or explicit.

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Bro’s Before Hoes

The Wilson Brothers have skills for days every which way. Oscar mostly does 2D, Ben mostly does 3D, Luke mostly does music.

Greece Is For Lovers

Some fun Greek, mythological inspired products and commissions from Athens (where else?) Greece Is For Lovers.

New Industry Arts

New Industry Arts “reports on Visual Culture; Photography, Fashion, Industry & Creative/Art”.

Via editor-in-chief James Widegren (also of Your Majesty).

Justin (not so) Bland

Out of Portland, Justin Bland has some weird stuff. I dont really understand the purpose of it, but I like.


Willem Stratmann’s StudioAnti out of Berlin.

Ruiz + Company

Clean and very simple work from Ruiz + Company. Particularily love the Chocolate Factory packaging


Super seductive illustration from boy wonder Arn0. Part of the amazing Debut Art Agency.

Serial Cut – Updates

Madrid based Serial Cut have updated their website.


Dvein is a motion graphics artist from Barcelona, who recently he created the titles for the F5 festival. The event took place in NYC on April 16th and 17th, 2009.

An Unnatural Obsession

An Unnatural Obsession is a beautifully captured photographic series of an immaculate collection of old school Nintendo technology. The collection is the possession of a certain Mr. B of DixonBaxi, and it made it’s way to Human Resources after it was submitted to our ever flowing Flickr Stream.

Photography by Jason Tozer.

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Wall Through Wall

I love this.

In the corporate world, usually there is nothing more plain or mundane than the surface on which employees tread upon. As such, they tend to be designed with their durability in mind rather than having any great aesthetic value. Carpets for Buildings aim to change this trend, and my word, they certainly have. Their creative solution uses computer controlled carpet printing machines to create special visual and spheric effects which are strikingly beautiful with limitless potential.

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Kim Høltermand – New Website

The very talented Kim Høltermand got in touch to say that he has just launched his new website.

Dan McCarthy

Massachusetts-based artist, Dan McCarthy has a fine collection of paintings, screen prints and ink drawings. His prints are extremely popular, his general subject matter is an abstract look at his surroundings.

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