Monthly Archive for February, 2009

Earth Observatory

There are some absolutley stunning images of the Earth from above, that can be found on the NASA Earth Observatory website.

Sony Bravia Zoetrope

Fallon have done it again in this great new advert for Sony Bravia.

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Wieden + Kennedy

Sermad from Wieden + Kennedy got in touch with hr to let us know that they have just launched a website for Nokia with some collaborations with some great generative artists such as Marius Watz, Univeral Everything, Marcus Wendt, MoreSoon and SHFT.

Awesome work guys and thanks for getting in touch.


This is how I feel most days. The very talented Zach Johnsen has updated his illustration portfolio at Zenvironments.

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Quavondo did the photogaphy for MonoStation (below). Cool editorial and fashion pics, thought he needed a mention too

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Nice combination of type, illustraion and photography from Max Spencer. Not very much on his site but still worth a look.

Stanislav Sipovich

Love the illustration style on this poster from Prague based, Stanislav Sipovich, not much more evidence of this type of style through the other work on the site but thought the poster needed a mention.

Terry Heffernan

Photographer Terry Herrernan has an amazing portfolio, ranging from commerical food shoots to more personal portrait shots. Thought this series was interesting.

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Charles Negre

French photographer Charles Negre has taken some very interesting photos in his set titled Crashs Tests.

Maslen & Mehra

Maslen & Mehra have created this great series titled Mirrored. The work was created by the placement of reflective sculptural silhouettes within landscapes and architectural settings from around the world.

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Beg, Steal or Borrow

Beg, Steal or Borrow is an online auction that the students at The University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, are holding. They have been getting in contact with notable designers and illustrators, to Beg for work, in order to auction it off. The money that they make will go towards funding their end of year Graphic Design degree show. Fortunately for them, they already appear to have already secured the work of Kate Moross, Rob Ryan, Pentagram, SEA and many more.

The entire auction is set to begin 21st March, lasting for 10 days only, however, they are still being sent work, so are updating the site with new items each week. Worth checking out.

Thanks for getting in touch Amy.

In A Dream

Over the past four decades, Isaiah Zagar has covered more than 50,000 square feet of Philadelphia with stunning mosaic murals. In A Dream is a documentary feature film that chronicles his work and his tumultuous relationship with his wife, Julia. It follows the Zagars as their marriage implodes and a harrowing new chapter in their life unfolds. Make sure you check out the trailer.

Zach Gold

Action photography by Zach Gold.


Love it or hate it, after all the speculation and PDF images, at last we have the real thing. Love is finally in the shops.