Monthly Archive for October, 2008

Bicycle Exhibition

Some funky bikes on show here, from custom made beauties to concept bikes, worth a peek.

Yuri Suzuki

Yuri’s work bridges some strange imaginary bridge to nowhere between the distants lands of product design and electronic music. I especially like the 5 tone arm turntable above, with each arm having its volume controlled by its own fader. Disco!

Werner Amann

Quality teenage documentary photography from Werner Amann. Reminds me of a time growing up in LA I never had.

Elizabeth Weinberg

Some wonderful photography by Elizabeth Weinberg.

Sara Haraigue

Sara Haraigue has some awesome examples of abstract typefaces, well worth a look.

Mike & Maaike

Mike & Maaike “create experimental designs, progressive ideas and unexpected solutions for products, furniture, wearables and environments”. Based in San Fran, they designed the new Google Phone above, which not only looks amazing but has lots of great features. So solid

“The Funkiest White-Boy Alive”

Great piece here from Fact Magazine about disco-maverick and all round amazing musician Arthur Russell, including a top ten of Arthur’s greatest releases. This man has made some very influential records and was never confined to one style. Dinosaur – Kiss Me Again and Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face are absolute beasts and will never ‘age’. A documentary about the life of Arthur called Wild Combination has just been released on dvd and it makes for great viewing.


Über talented Hort.

Levi van Veluw

Levi van Veluw gives his very own unusual and original take on the self portrait.

Petites Capitales

You gotta love the French! More amazing literature fron HEYHO!

Lego Towers

What is this, a centre for ants! No it is a 1:50 scale model of Lego Towers, a proposed housing development for Copenhagen — made of Lego. Designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group, this time-lapse video was shot over five weeks.

Stanislav Chepurnov

It’s fast becoming motion week at HR™, but I simply had to post this video by Stanislav Chepurnov from Moscow, Russia. Turn the bass up on your sound system, go full screen and press play.

Dan McPharlin

Just found these very cool cardboard models by Australian Dan McPharlin, turns out he does some pretty nice Science Fiction illustrations too. You can check out his work on his website and his Flickr account.