Monthly Archive for September, 2008

Philippe Malouin- Hanger Chair

The projects title was “Occasional furniture”, and is pretty self explanatory. Simple, iconic, and totally functional.

More Soon!

Ballin’. More Soon. via QBN

Petronio Associates

Like a high class hooker you’ll get no change. Formally Work in Progress, The Petronio Associates have update the (blog)site with some high end gear. I want more


The second in the series of this aptly titled mini-magazine and is part of the Real Gold collective. Packed with interesting imagary and witty writing, check out the website for a sample. Oh, and the best bit is, its free!

Yehrin Tong

Couple of nice pieces on Yehrin Tong’s website here. You best be checking it out!


Three decades after it was conceived, the world’s most powerful physics experiment at CERN is ready to be powered up.

Engineers will attempt to circulate a beam of particles around the 27km-long underground tunnel which houses the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The £5bn machine is designed to smash particles together with cataclysmic force, revealing signs of new physics in the wreckage. This will re-create conditions in the Universe moments after the Big Bang.

Critics are worried that mini-black holes made at the soon-to-open facility on the French-Swiss border might threaten the Earth’s very existence. So if your sitting at your desk this morning and you feel a strong pull to your left or start floating out of your chair, you can assume that something has gone drastically wrong!

House Industries & Ed Rondthaler

Check out this preview of a new documentary from House Industries featuring Photo-Lettering founder Ed Rondthaler. I hear this guy is 102 years old… Christ!

Pierre Marie

Couple of really nice pieces on the site of PierreMarie.

Thinking for a Living

Thinking for a Living was developed for a breakout session, taking by Duane King (Creative Director, BBDK Inc.), that took place at the Dallas Society of Visual Communication Student Show. It reinforces the notion the while design is a profession, but above all its a passion. Their ethos is “Great design is art, not a commodity or a formula”. Not sure about you but I’m totally sucked in.

Interactive Performance

Check out this unique modern dance performance that was part of the Danish Dance Theatre installation Labyrint by Tim Rushton, in Kaleidoskop K2 in Copenhagen, 2008.

The Infrared Tracking and Interactive Video Projection was created by Ole Kristensen and Jonas Jongejan.

Sarah Illenberger

Lots of ‘weird’ stuff on the portfolio of Berliner Sarah Illenberger like the Mcforest above. Kind of like graphic still life sculpture

ikon-ic NR2154

A lovely book of Danish design by the talented creative team at NR2154.

Heide Museum of Modern Art

A number of Heide specific products developed by the amazing Australian studio, Pidgeon.

Mickey Duzyj

Mickey Duzyj is a Brooklyn based Illustrator / comic artist. Love these Tyson prints from the Fall Classic series with No Mas. Lots of sport themed stuff on both sites. Some of Mickeys comics are brilliant, especially this Kid Dynamite one

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